Unique cute Cabin, cabana or Home Décor: 2 Large Glass Ball Ornament with Beach Palm Trees Ocean Island Motif delicately Hand painted & Signed by Florida artist

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You are buying 2 Unique and large Art glass balls by Dominique Rice

Unique Christmas or Everyday Tropical Beach Scene Glass Balls
(they retail for $50.00 each OR MORE in stores)
Hand-painted Signed by Artist and sent with bio.
This is for one of the Beach Cabana Scene Glass balls seen on the first 2 pictures
 (If you are interested in another one of the hand painted glass balls, email us, as we do have some tropical fish left:  original signed one of a kind hand painted Glass ornament Balls, larger than a tennis ball with a 4” diameter and very detailed which was time consuming.
Use them as Tree Decorations for Christmas or everyday of the year as Art Glass Displays. There are pretty stands to display them available in stores, we have a few left. Each Ball has a beach scene or a different fish or a different orchid (sold out) hand painted on it unless you want them all the same in case you want multiples, i made more than one of each but yet since they are hand painted there are slight differences in each:  You are buying direct from the artist for less than retail since they run each close to $50.00 in galleries, and you are getting the artist bio included with the ball of your choice, they make a wonderful unique gift for beach lovers, orchid lovers & collectors, fish aficionados. The balls are not printed but individually hand painted and signed. They look wonderful hanging from the ceiling by nylon wires as a grouping or from a chandelier over a festive table set for a fancy dinner.

We show you additional art from Dominique Rice on the additional photos: You are buying direct from the artist and getting artist bio with it.

Check Dominique Rice Oceania Store in Sun Sentinel Newspaper, Fort Lauderdale, for information on our collection and authentic art.


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