Papua Gulf Ritual Spirit Polychrome Facial Flute Board Hero Trophy Shield 10A16

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Rare, vintage Oceanic Kerewa hand-carved Gope spirit board

In great condition


Item 10A16 in our inventory
(Seen on 5 of the photos that are not of natives)

Rare vintage Oceanic Kerewa hand carved Gope spirit board in great condition

Era River, Western Papuan Gulf, New Guinea

Collected 20 years ago

Measures: 26,5" long by 5,5" wide

Colored with natural pigment colors

Item 10A16

Gope boards from are elliptical in shape and incised with brightly colored abstract patterns. Warriors were entitled to have a Gope board for each act of bravery, and a board, from the vanquished enemy's canoe held particular significance, transferring some of its previous owner's strength to the victor.

Gope boards serve several functions and are a traditional carving from the eastern Papuan gulf only. In the men's longhouse (the Venei), each clan occupies its own designated area, there are no walls separating these areas but ritual objects, especially gopes, are hung to form the walls of the clan cubicle. The other function performed by some of these gopes is that of a medium through which the elders can get instructions from the spirits. (when to make war, plant the gardens, go on a trading expedition etc.)

 Check Dominique Rice Oceania Store in Sun Sentinel Newspaper, Fort Lauderdale, for information on our collection and authentic art.

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