Two 1884 antique original folio stipple engravings Holbein’s famous Court portraits 135 years old stunning renditions of Lady Marchioness of Dorset & Lady Rich Framed in huge frame with 5 mats, one of them hand painted by artist 33" X 26.5"

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Two (2) beautiful, authentic, antique lithographs from Hans Holbein classical portraits: Two (2) stunning framed Holbein classical folio portraits of The Lady Marchioness of Dorset and the Lady Rich, Elisabeth 

Around 135 years old

Framed in huge frame with 5 mats, one of them hand painted by an artist 33" X 26.5"

We recently closed our gallery of rare antique books and prints, original signed art, rare textiles and unique hand painted frames, some of the prints and art framed, some not, and all our artwork and antique prints will now be available to the public here.
Two (2) original colored folio stipple engravings of Holbein’s famous Court portraits
135 years old
Framed professionally with 5 high quality acid free mats, bottom mat hand painted by an artist.
Each authentic folio plate is 14 3/8” x 10 ¾”
Finished size with frame: 33” x 26 ½” HUGE!
Was marked $950.00 in our store, but greatly reduced here now that we closed our Art gallery doors
Very large frame: stunning duo of ladies of the court of Henry VII. Original biographical text pages in back of the frame. The borders of the pages have some fraying and pin holes due to the fact this was bounded as a book and one of the plates some light brown shade on bottom left of the plate which was due to the binding of the times and the other plate has a tear that was repaired above her head but the whole is excellent.
These 2 stunning framed Hans Holbein classical portraits of The Lady Marchioness of Dorset and the Lady Rich, Elisabeth, are around 135 years old and were published in London by John Chamberlaine (Keeper of the King’s Drawings and Medals and Fellow of the Society of Artists) in 1884  in the “Collection of His Majesty for the Portraits of Illustrious Persons of the Court of Henry VII.
These plates after 2 drawings by Holbein are stipple engravings engraved by Francesco Bartolozzi and printed on fine wove paper. Bartolozzi (1727-1815), historical Engraver to his Majesty George III, perfected the art of stipple engraving, he was one of the finest engravers ever, and in 1768 was a foundation member of the Royal Academy in London.
We do not take returns on this rare item,  so please inspect well to your satisfaction, photos speak louder than words.
The portrait of Lady Marchioness of Dorset as well as Lady Rich portrait are fine examples of Holbein's brilliant portraiture and are accompanied by their original biographical text pages placed in back of the frame.
“ Frances, eldest daughter of the brave and courtly Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk , by his illustrator spouse Mary, Queen Dowager of France, and sister to our Henry the Eighth… Having seen her amiable daughter unjustly placed on a throne, and still more unjustly forced from that throne to the scaffold, she was soon after bereft also of her husband by the same base hand that had so lately shed the pure blood of his dearest offspring…”
“Elisabeth Jenkes, daughter of a grocer who married a nobleman and was heir to her father, William Jenkes, a grocer of London”
Please inspect everything carefully to be satisfied as this is too costly for us to ship back and forth out of pocket, just for a look and we will not refund either shipping.

The frame is vintage as we did not want to use a brand new frame around antique art.
Please inspect everything carefully to be satisfied as this is purposely not a brand new frame. 
We try to locate antique or vintage frames for all our antique prints as they show much better that way.
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