1970 HUGE CUSTOM BUILT & FULLY FURNISHED DOLL HOUSE (5 ft x 4ft x 32”) WITH 14 rooms & 3 gardens, Plants, Trees + Outhouse (1/12 Scale) Operating Lights

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If you want to see larger photos, email us at cheetahdmr@gmail.com and we will forward them by email as it is hard to see the details on these smaller photos.



This is a doll house actually meant to be played with for up to 4 children at the same time since there are 4 sides with 4 different uses and openings

Enormous at 5ft tall

5ft x 4ft x 32”. 14 rooms and 3 gardens. 

Full size is 61” tall (slightly over 5 ft ) by 4 ft  wide, by 32” deep. Scale 1/12.

 Built 40 years ago by artist Dominique Resillot Rice, this amazing 4 stories dollhouse collectible (1/12), one of a kind, is very large (5ft x 4ft x 32”) and was entirely handcrafted from scratch (not made from a kit), plus recently refurbished with new battery lights, new wallpaper, new paint, new garden plants, new inhabitants etc… on top of the furnishings that were already there from 4 decades ago … Over 14,000.00 dollars invested, then and now, + over 3 years of work.  Many of the contents of the house including furniture, plants, flower pots, beds, detailed bedding and curtains and gardens were handmade by Dominique. Completely furnished and electrified with battery lights and  occupied by 3 hand painted families. 

The house is special due to the fact that it is entirely 1 of a kind, and it was built purposely so 4 people could enjoy it at the same time without being in the other one’s way, thus it offers the advantage of different facades, rooms and  gardens on all 4 sides. There are hundreds of little treasures in this house, even things inside some cabinets and not shown here.


 4 stories tall and on a solid wood base completely covered with astro-turf grass for easier access. Everything shown in the pictures is included and more...

 A total of 14 rooms, 3 gardens and 21 inhabitants and many pets: 6 dogs, 5 cats, 1 gold fish, 1 frog, a porcupine and 2 mice.

A)  13 (Battery operated) working lights and 1 string of working Christmas tree lights: 1 outdoors coach light, 3 chandeliers, 1 ceiling gas light or chandelier, 2 foot lamps, 1 ceiling fan, 2 ceiling lights, 3 wall lights. 

All lights can be interchanged and moved from room to room and will light wherever you place them.

B)  10 or more Non electrified lights, they were purchased, in the past, just to be decorative: 1 outside coach lamp, 1 (6 arms) chandelier in attic guest room, 1 hanging  lantern in upstairs hallway, 1 brass table lamp with pleated shade in living room with chimney, 3 wall double lamps in Victorian bedroom and living room with red couches and adjoining dining room, with candles or with glass, 1 ceiling light and 1 wall light in black bathroom, I Tiffany hanging lamp in red living room.

 2 kitchens 

 2 baths

 4 bedrooms, one being a baby’s room

2 living rooms  

1 dining room

1 music room

1 attic 

1 hallway

2 sets of stairs 

3 gardens 

21 assorted people from different families: 2 fathers, 4 mothers (one is expecting), 2 teenagers, one of them at the computer, 3 grandmothers, 1 grandfather, 4 young girls (one of them practicing cheerleading),  2 toddlers, 2 babies, 1 maid. 

1 veranda, some balconies, 1 wood pergola where a vine grows, a penthouse deck.

Handcrafted with great detail and expensive furnishings plus some completed furniture kits and some one of a kind furnishings created by Dominique, frames on the walls, many nicknacks, not all inventoried...

1) (real slate hand laid floor) kitchen with new working ceiling light and ceiling wood beams: furnished with antique icebox, pie cupboard, wall phone, butcher block table, floor mat, shelf with radio, rose bouquet, assorted pots and pans, glass bottles, pots, coffee grinder, assorted kitchen tools, free standing bubble gum machine, plants, shopping cart, garbage can, large tray, dog playing hide and seek with 2 baby cats. Walls have 2 framed mirrors with inscriptions, 2 blue porcelain plates on one narrow wall and one small round frame by ice box. 

2) (Real brick hand laid floor) kitchen with new working ceiling light and ceiling wood beams: furnished with round table and 3 straw seat high back chairs on a round hand crocheted rug, old fashioned black stove, tall wall cabinet with shelves, 2 wooden wall shelves and also a spice rack with real glass jars, wooden wall phone, stained glass over doorway. Table and shelves full of handblown glass bottles, pots, copper pots and vases, 4 pewter dishes, bubble gum machine, blue and white dutch porcelain, coffee pots, woven baskets, plates, tiny handmade food on plates such as eggs and toasts and other foods, cups and glasses, place mats,  kitchen tools.  Hand painted grandma sitting at he table, with her pocket book hanging from her chair, reading the morning paper, antique porcelain dog with his bowl of food etc,  etc… too many small items to mention them all. Victorian veranda attached with potted plants and free standing camera among other things, and young mother leaning on the porch etc...

3) Bath with new battery light on wall and 2 other lights on ceiling and over sink, and recently laid new real silk black wallpaper: furnished with porcelain sink and tall gold mirror above, towel  rack with lace towel, bathtub, toilet with wooden seat, black and white flooring, minute real shells’ display print letter cases’ box on the wall, bathroom cabinet with rolled towels and perfume bottles, toilet cleaning brush on wall, floor mat,  toilet paper holder and 3 extra rolls, shelf  with perfume and lotion bottles and hand painted teenager looking at herself in the mirror. Plants and outside veranda. 

 4) Baby Bath with new battery light on the wall ( a double tulip lamp), new wallpaper, new ceiling finish, hand laid ceramic flooring and wood paneling: furnished with bathtub decorated with yellow roses, antique sink from 1920’s with tall mirror above, minute real miniature shells’ display print letter cases’ box on the wall, 1 shelf full of lotions and perfume bottles, one bathroom cabinet with rolled towels and perfume bottles, 2 lace towels on wood towel rack and other on gold ring, I weight scale, I baby potty chair, bath mat with lace border, baby shoes, toy basket full of toys and wooden blocks and ducky for the bath, and hand painted maid drying young girl.

5) Baby’s room with recently laid adorable miniature wallpaper and new handmade drapes with valence border,  2 wood decorative awnings over the drapes on the windows, new battery light ceiling fan, wall to wall carpet: furnished with crib which side goes up and down, with miniature blankie and pillow, teddy bear and mobile hanging from crib, cabinet with operating draws and door, toys on top, porcelain swan, baby carrying chair, rocker, wooden chest filled with toys and miniature figure of Lucy on top, and wicker toy box, baby clothes’ rack, black baby shoes, hand painted naked baby in crib, oval rug,  baby just had his bath and he is now watching a baby girl on floor with nothing on but a diaper crawling towards the white wicker toy box and 3 pull toys that were left on the floor, 2 tiny miniature metal cars. The 2 windows on the outside have ledges decorated with  flower pots.

6) Master bedroom with freshly laid wallpaper on walls and ceiling, wall to wall carpet, handcrafted canopy bed with drapes, sheets,  comforter, 3 pillows, 2 laced all handmade by artist, present on bed and pocket book, 1 operating amber battery light on wall and one other non-electric glass gas light, 1 round mirror on wall and 8 gold frames with miniature artwork, 2 windows with decorative wooden inside awnings over artist handmade pink drapes and white window shades, large cross-stitched-by-hand rug with flowers motifs, I hand painted grandmother sitting by a white dressing wicker table with chair, table full of various items, scissors, perfume bottles, ceramic or porcelain pots, water bottle, glass. Yellow armchair with pocket book on it, long wooden mirror above it, tall dresser with straw hat on top of wooden hat stand, 2 decorated fancy hat boxes, amaryllis growing in pottery pot, bottles of perfumes on mirrored tray. Clothes rack with jacket and real fur boa, dog basket with pillow and sleeping dog. 2 pairs of pump shoes.

7) Living room and hallway (under master bedroom) with wall to wall carpeting and new battery operated light on the ceiling as well as new working battery operated foot lamp next to the couch (plus another non-operating gas glass light on the wall and an hanging tiffany lamp in back over the desk, also a non-operating light), wood slat shades over the 2 windows : furnished with 2 new long (L shaped  positioned couches), one being a fainting couch, both with lots of tiny cushions, handmade, red suede covering. There are a mother and daughter playing chess on the floor (both hand painted) on a large (tiny cross-stitched-by-hand) rug, a hand painted grandfather watching them from the couch, next to a box of chocolates, oriental furniture, 2 detailed oriental armchairs and side table with oriental porcelain vase full of red roses, an ivory statue (not real ivory), some shells, and another table in front of the couch with a cat tilting a goldfish bowl to get to the fish in it, a tray with glasses and serving bottle, some miniature real shells and a decorative hand painted duck. 6 varied gold framed miniature art on the walls, Real wicker pot stand by front door with plant on top, baby playpen with 2 blankets, modern gold metal stand with shelves, suitcase, flower pots, clay pots on display etc…, work desk with compartments for mail  and suede work table top that opens and closes (envelopes included in the partitions) and a swivel  working wooden desk chair, nick knacks on desk. The grandfather’s  hand painted wife is waiting for the mail on the outside of the front door from that living room. 

8) Adjoining dining room with real parquet wood floors, wood wall paneling and detailed crown molding, working  battery operated amber ceiling chandelier (plus one more non -working  candlelight on wall), newly relaid wallpaper. Modern art on the wall with gold frame, grandfather clock, delicate elegant food cart (with wheels that works great) with 2 trays full of food and cakes, handmade platters of minuscule party food, tea pots, bottles etc… Placemats, porcelain plates drinks etc… on the round table with 4 delicate chairs etc…. A toddler is sitting on one of the chairs drinking milk.

9) 2 stories music room with wooden staircase going to Victorian bedroom, wood paneling, both rooms with wall to wall carpeting:  music room has a battery operated foot lamp and is furnished with baby grand piano & music sheet, delicate fainting couch with throw and velvet armchair, built-in bookcase on an entire wall, full of nick knacks, books, plants, pottery,  hand painted duck, statues etc…, decorative  reeds in pot on the floor, 2 hunted animal heads on the wall, zebra and deer, artwork in gold frame under staircase and a silk plant next to it, stained glass over the door to the kitchen, 2 other frames on the walls and a dart board with 3 darts. Cash register on low table. By the staircase is a wood stove with basket full of chopped wood and a portrait of the grandfather in a gold frame. A cat is playing with a toy on the floor. Stairs are carpeted as well. Both hand painted parents are having an animated conversation with their daughter on the floor. Real animal rug on the floor dating from 1950. Non-working ceiling light over the door to kitchen. You can see the grand mother sitting in the kitchen from there.

10) Victorian bedroom with ceiling working battery light (Plus another non working double armed-candle light on the wall): furnished with an entire victorian set made from a kit, 1 dresser with chandelier and flower pot and glass mirror, 1 bed with lace comforters and sheets and pillows. One low dresser also with mirror and nick knacks, flower pot, picture frame, night table with blue and white dutch porcelain pitcher and bowl for washing, oval gold frame on wall, pump shoes, small baby wooden rocking pram with linen and pillow, beamed ceiling. 2 windows in the roof. Toile de Jouis wall paper with delicate yellow motifs. A baby sitting teenager is playing on the computer next to the toddler she is getting ready to put to bed. Toddler is holding a blankie and a toy.

11) 3rd floor living room with working battery operated chandelier and stripped pink wallpaper on the walls , wall to wall carpeting, white ornate fireplace and basket of chopped wood and white paneling all around and 7 gold frames with artwork on the walls. Fireplace has a metal stand holding wood, fireplace tools and broom which a hand-blown glass snowman is holding since it is Christmas there. Plenty of wrapped presents on the floor and 3 Christmas tins by the fireplace next to a decorated Christmas tree with working battery lights, also fireplace screen, 2 real Cloisonné vases on top of fireplace and potted plant etc..: furnished with 2 handmade green couches and 2 handmade beige upholstered chairs, 2 handmade low tables covered with nick knacks such as vases with flowers, lamp, decorative box, candlestick, book, vase etc…

12) 3rd floor hallway with real parquet floor and wooden staircase, hanging gaslight (non working, no wiring) , hall tree with hats and umbrella, victorian baby carriage, display case full of shells on the wall, porcelain umbrella stand, ornate mirror, silk plant in pot, hand crocheted door mat, hand painted porcelain cat with ball of yarn, shelf on left wall with collections of miniature real shells in glass containers, vase of flowers etc..

13 and 14) Attic sewing room and under roof vaulted ceilings guest bedroom, with wall to wall carpeting and non operating (no wiring, just decorative) ceiling 6 arms chandelier,  as well as another battery operated foot lamp by the bed.  Back bedroom has brass bed, blue display cabinet full of nick knacks, long blue prom dress hanging on stand,  golden framed art over the bed  (which is complete with handmade mattress, linens, pillow with lace, lace comforter and sheet), 2 real fur area rugs on each side of the bed. Brass baby crib complete with linens, mattress, pillows, blanket and sheets, teddy bear.                   

2 white rockers, white triangle matching table with plant in pot  in the section used as a sewing room. Wall mirror which handmade frame is made of miniature shells, under which is the sewing table with fabrics, a sewing black body form, 3 matching suitcases and 2 pocket book, pump white shoes, a wicker basket full of sewing needs such as scissors, patterns, rulers, fashion magazines and 2 rats, one in a trap and one watching.

There are 4 major garden sections: 

1)     The front door with mailbox, real brick hand laid step, and flower beds with plants, flowers and miniature rocks and watering can, hand crocheted door mat, working battery operated outside light and hand painted lady waiting for today’s mail by her mailbox with her dog, she has a package to give the mailman and there is mail in the mailbox from the previous day that she forgot to collect, crawling vines to the upper floor, red garden chair, watering can etc….

2)     3rd floor deck: with complete outhouse with toilet paper and keys to lock it, hand painted porcelain great dane (optional as he is oversize a bit!), tree (hand made out of real moss), many flower pots on metal (3 shelves) display garden cart, plastic garden shoes, red stripped garden table with 4 wooden stools, newspaper, bread basket full of bread and plant in pot  all on top, and stripped fabric wood lounging chair, handmade wood planter with row of bushes and vines growing on the walls, wooden ladder, shelf with watering can, drinks, many tools and pots, beds of daisies by upper front door and hand laid slate path.

3)     Downstairs side yard with handmade wooden pergola on which a vine is growing, and a macramé flower (in real miniature wicker) basket is hanging. Lion fountain on the wall created with a 1930's benitier. Director yellow chair, barbecue with chicken and roasting marshmellow, mat with shoes by the front door (decorated with a reef).  Golden retriever is drinking out of a red pail, double window and door have real antique lace drapes. Small table with flower pot and matching white wooden lounge chair can be seen next to a tree handmade with real bark and silk leaves. A pregnant woman is saying goodbye to her husband on his way to work.

4)     Piano room garden: grass and pebbles, bushes and tree, frog hiding under bushes, red toy cart full of toys: 3 wood horses, butterfly net, pail and shovel, wood sleigh, skateboard.

All rooms have floor trim and crown molding or ceiling trims and some have ceiling wood beams and 2 have cathedral ceilings and all have operating battery lights. There are windows and doors and window ledges or balconies or decks on different sides, a window seat window on one of the facades, roofs were hand laid  with real wood shingles and a brick chimney tops the top roof. All doors have tiny handles, knockers and such. Victorian details all over doors, windows etc… 

 I am sure I did not remember everything, there is so much in there, but I tried.

Top house also separates from the 2 lower floors and can function by itself thus be displayed in another part of the room where the doll house will be, or be sold separately. 

 I have taken so many individual or close up photos, I can send additional ones for details upon request. This house is pick up only or you arrange your own shipping.

This was my favorite doll house of all the ones I created and I kept it for that reason but we are retiring, moved from 1 larger house to a small one and I need the space badly in my craft room.