VERY RARE 1960 Rare Descourtilz Limited Edition Original Folio Lithograph Brazilian Bird Plate 11 Black-Spotted Barbet or Cabezon a Plastron Noir on Cactus

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Beautiful vivid lithograph from a rare limited edition from the 1960's.

Perfect folio-sized print with stunning colors, originally from Oiseaux brilliants et remarquables du Bresil (Pageantry of American Birds) by Jean Theodore Descourtilz, one of the rarest and most beautiful hand-colored bird books ever produced.

Extra large plates (on heavy quality rag paper with no text in back) of colorful and stunning Brazilian Birds, represented with their preferred food sources.

 We closed our art galleries' doors so everything has been reduced:  As a result, we are liquidating some of our rare prints from last century and older ones too, some up to 300 years old.

 Our Descourtilz plates are in perfect condition, even they are over 60 years old.


 This is for: Plate 11 Black-Spotted Barbet or Cabezon a Plastron Noir
pictured here with its favorite food.

This large folio lithograph of colorful tropical bird is 17” x 11.5”

We also show how good they look framed on some of the photos.

 We have the entire collection of 32 plates.

 To see the names of the birds for each plate, scroll down to the bottom of this ad.

This beautiful folio-sized print, originally from Oiseaux brilliants et remarquables du Bresil by Jean Theodore Descourtilz, one of the rarest and most beautiful hand-colored bird books ever produced, has been taken from an out-of-print facsimile limited edition published in Amsterdam.  This fine reproduction print on heavy quality rag paper with no text in back was produced using full-color offset printing, the result being stunning color and detail. 

 In their preface, the editors of the volume state that “the utmost care has been taken to achieve a flawless reproduction”.  Jean-Théodore Descourtilz was one of the eight sons of the French adventurer/ naturalist Michel Etienne Descourtilz. and supplied the illustrations to the latter's Flore médicale des Antilles, published in Paris between 1821 and 1829. Jean-Théodore prepared and published Oiseaux brillans du Brésil in Paris in 1834. His second great work from which this entry with illustration is taken was published in four parts with 48 hand-coloured lithographs in Rio de Janeiro between 1854 and 1856. An English edition with the same illustrations, printed by Waterlow & Sons appeared in 1856.

Descourtilz worked for the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro. He died on 13th January 1855 at Riacho in Brazil. A commemorative facsimile of the work was published in Portuguese by Livraria Kosmos Editôra in 1944 with notes by João Moojen.

Original text in French (followed by English translation).

We have all the birds from this rare collection available right now, which names are seen in the list below with the plate number in front:

 1   Barraband Parrot Psittacule  or Caica-Barraband

2   Golden Paroquet or Perruche Guiaruba

3   Red-Eared Paroquet or Perruche a Gorge Variee

5   Ariel Toucan or Toucan Ariel

7   Black-Throated Trogon or Couroucou Rosalba

9   Rufous Trogon or Couroucou Oranga

11 Black-Spotted Barbet or Cabezon a Plastron Noir

13 Orange-Breasted Barbet or Cabezon Elegant

15 Spot-Tailed Jacamar or Jacamar Dore

17 Yellow-Fronted Woodpecker or Pic a Ventre Rouge

19 Red Chatterer or Cotinga Ouette

21 Boat-Billed Flycatcher or Tyran Bem-Te-Veo

23 Paradise Tanager or Tangara Septicolor

25 Brazilian Turquoise Tanager or Tangara Diable-Enrhume

27 Chesnut-Backed Tanager or Tangara Passe-Vert

29 White-Capped Tanager or Euphone a Diademe

31 Scarlet Flycatcher or Moucherolle Rubin

33 Brazilian Tanager or Ramphocele Scarlatte

35 Archbishop Tanager or Tachyphone Archeveque

37 Golden-Headed Manakin or Manakin a Tete D’ Or

39 Curly Blue Jay or Pie Acahe

41 Crested Cardinal or Fringille Paroare

43 Pied-Breasted Oropendola or Cassique Huppe

45 Jamaica Oriole or Carouge Jamacaii

47 Blue Honey Creeper or Guit-Guit Aux Ailes Variees

49 Crimson Topaz Hummingbird or Colibri Topaze

51 Jacobin Hummingbird or Oiseau-Mouche a Collier

53 Ruby & Topaz Hummingbird or Oiseau-Mouche Rubis Topaze

55 Sappho Comet Hummingbird or Oiseau-Mouche Chatoyant

57 Brazilian Swallow-Tail Hummingbird or Oiseau-Mouche Hirondelle

59 Swainson's Royal Flycatcher or Platyrhynque Couronne

60 Reichnow's Motmot or Momot Houtou

Great gifts for bird lovers and Audubon clubs. 

 All our collector and rare items come with pages and pages of research about provenance, and with history of the tribes and photos as well, depending on item and whenever possible.  When shipping internationally, we group ship multiple purchases to save you money, and find the best rates available.