2 Framed 1 Hand-painted canvas Oil signed Roses + 1 Limited Edition Redoute Print

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Two (2) framed art pieces:

                                                        on special

1 Hand-painted by artist oil painting

(Signed, framed purposely in vintage frame) 


1 limited edition Redoute print

(Framed purposely in vintage frame for a shabby chic look)

You are getting 2 Framed Art Pieces, 1 free with 1:

1 Hand-painted by artist oil painting on canvas

Measures: 12 1/2" x 11"

(Purposely framed in a vintage frame)


1 limited edition Redoute print

Item RE2

Measures: 23,5" X 20" 

(Framed purposely in vintage frame for a shabby chic look)

The frames are purposely vintage

Please inspect carefully to be satisfied as this is purposely not a brand new frame.

We try to locate antique or vintage frames for all our Redoute prints as they show much better that way, as the slightly distressed look is more fitting and eclectic looking.

Vintage frames for a shabby look work well with both these pieces of art: the painting is one of a kind and signed. (Original Authentic Hand Painted Art on canvas colorful roses bouquet )

The Redoute also in vintage frame: Hortensia Cinetare and Fuschia by P.J Redoute, limited edition folio, makes a Great Mother’s Day Gift!

Perfect for holidays, mother day’s or any birthday!

2 Cheerful bouquets in 2 frames

Signed art

Bargain liquidation sale

We also carry authentic original prints 300 years old or less in great condition, already framed or not, such as: Albin, Audubon, Baron, Barraband, Bertuch, Brodtmann, Brown, Buffon, Cassel, Curtis, Cuvier, Donovan, Edwards, Fitch, Frisch, Grandville, Harrison, Walter Hood, Latham, Linden,Linnaeus, Loddiges, Martinet, McKenney, Morris, Munting, Redoute, Reinchenbachia, Schreber, Schubert, Selby, Shaw and Nodder, Van Geel, Warner, etc.... etc...

Again, we closed our art store of antique prints and custom frames as well as our store of rare artifacts from around the world and we will now sell them direct to the public here. We have 1000's of antique prints and it will take a while to do so, so if you are interested in prints from the names above or others since I did not have time to list them all, please contact us.