2 Original Axel Amuchastegui 1952 Highly Collectible Australian Bird lithographs “Love Life of the Birds” on fine white rag paper PROFESSIONALLY X2 MATTED & FRAMED in Signed Hand Painted Frames EACH 18”X14” ONE FREE WITH ONE BARGAIN

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Prints are vintage - 50 yrs old collectibles

Great condition

Recently professionally framed in unique signed hand painted frames and mats

Ready to hang

The finished pieces measure:
18.5" X 14"
18" X 14" 
We recently closed our gallery of rare antique books and prints, original signed art and unique hand painted frames, some of the prints and art framed, some not, and all our artwork and antique prints will be listed here daily as we go.

Two (2) Original from 1952 Amuchastegui Bird lithographs (DFPO25 and 26)

Matted and signed with intricately hand-painted frames

(Seen on photo 1, and 1 of these prints also seen on photo 2)

You are buying 1 professionally matted and framed original authentic bird print  “Great bird of Paradise” from Axel Amuchastegui's 1952 “Love Life of the Birds” book, and getting with it the second professionally matted and framed bird print “Anhinga Anhinga or water turkey” from Axel Amuchastegui's “Love Life of the Birds” FREE. 

These prints, from the renowned artist, are 50 years old, scarce, highly collectible, of incredible beauty and in perfect condition.

Each was professionally framed in a unique one of a kind detailed hand painted frame created to enhance the print, each print was also enhanced by double acid free mats, one of the 4 hand painted with detail. 

These prints are brilliant color lithographs in excellent condition on fine white rag paper with strong plate marks. Each print measures approximately 8 3/4 inches by 12 1/4 inches and signed by the artist next to the bird’s name. 

Each print measures approximately 8 3/4 inches by 12 1/4 inches and framed, the finished art is 18,5"X14" for one & 18"X14" for the other

Axel Amuchastegui (1921-2002) was born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1921.

A skillful self-taught artist, he specialized in illustrations of birds and animals of South America where he grew up, raised by his grandmother and parents to have a love of all the creatures of the wild.

Most of the animals he portrayed were from his observations in the natural habitat. In 1952, he was commissioned to illustrate birds from a book which romanticized the notion that birds, much like humans, are capable of falling in love.  He came up with twenty four lovely avian prints much to the style of the traditional illustrators such as John Gould or John James Audubon.  This is one of his lovely prints, a thick-stock offset original lithograph that came from his most celebrated book: “Love life of the Birds”.  These prints are hard to locate and are prized collector items.

He gradually developed a unique technique for his paintings using Chinese inks and watercolors. Argentina has designed several postage stamps from his paintings. 

We also carry loose original prints 300 years old or less in great condition such as: Albin, Audubon, Baron, Barraband, Bertuch, Brodtmann, Brown, Buffon, Cassel, Curtis, Cuvier, Donovan, Edwards, Fitch, Frisch, Grandville, Harrison, Walter Hood, Latham, Linden, Linnaeus, Loddiges, Martinet, McKenney, Morris, Munting, Redoute, Reinchenbachia, Schreber, Schubert, Selby, Shaw and Nodder, Van Geel, Warner, etc.... 

Again, we closed our art store of antique prints and custom frames as well as our store of rare artifacts from around the world and we will now sell them direct to the public here. We have 1000's of antique prints and it will take a while to do so, so if you are interested in prints from the names above or others since I did not have time to list them all, please let us know.