2 very large Cowry Seashell Tassels Curtain Drapes Holdbacks Oceanic Art, South Pacific Home Decor Accent, Handcrafted Unique perfect for Designer Decorator Shell Collector Stunning Beach Lover Pool Cabana Look hand crafted & Unique Coloring

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Store price is $45.00 and up to $80.00 per pair depending on the shell & the store.

Other uses: These tassels are absolutely unique if you like decorating with shells! You can use them to hold your drapes, to decorate door knobs and draws, lamps, neck of vases or at the end of a fan string, you can sew them at the 2 or 4 corners of a pillow, use them as a belt (some customers did and even wrapped them around a sun hat) and whatever else you can think of. I have never seen them available in the U.S except in the stores we place them in.

You are purchasing a pair of unique handcrafted Indo- Pacific Shell cotton Tassels

(Seen on first 4 photos, the only 2 we have with this unusual spotting)

Unique home and beach cabin or cabana décor, a gorgeous designer accent! We have sold them to exclusive Beach Resorts. Decorative cushions shown on photo 6, with these tassels decorating them.

These Pacific shell tassels tie ends have many uses: for drapes, curtains, window treatment, fan pulls, belts, cushion or pillow adornments. The pair retails for $80.00, but we are liquidating what we have left at a fraction of retail!

We have been wholesaling these tassels to designer and decorator fabric stores where they retail for up to $45.00 per single piece, now we do not have enough quantities to wholesale so we are offering the rest by groups of 2 or more at a greatly reduced price.

2 Huge Tiger Cowry (Indo-pacific Coral reefs) from Melanesia, on hand crafted hand twisted cotton pulls.

 The 5th photo shows you a set of 2 full tassels, we don't take pics of each full one, we take close up pics of the shell itself to show the variety we carry since all the cotton tassel parts are the same, as seen on photo 5 with a nautilus shell.

The additional photos from 5 on show other styles of shells available but we are running out of types fast so if you like this cowrie for sale here, don't wait till we run out of this model.

These hand crafted , unusual and stunning tie ends hold drapes with elegance.

We have 18 different shell types available in these tassels.

Choices are among others: Chambered Nautilus, Pearlized Chambered Nautilus, Trochus Fenestratus, Pearlized Trochus Fenestratus, Pearlized Jade Turbo Seashell or Pearlized Silvermouth Turbo SeashelL, Tapestry Turban Seashell, Bat Volute S. Phillipines to N. Australia or conus legatus, Conus Canonicus or Conus marmoreus Marble Cone Indo-Pacific, Lettered Cone (Conus eburneus f. polyglotta) Indo-Pacific, Egg Cowry Indo-pacific, Snake-head Cowry Indo-pacific, Tiger Cowry Indo-pacific Coral reefs, Banded Tun Tonna Sulcosa Indo-Pacific offshore, Crowned Baler Indonesia, Endive Murex Philippines Pacific, Lambis lambis Indian Ocean Coral reef etc....

Others which names I do not know.

The shells themselves have been collected along isolated Pacific Islands. The total length of one is about 25" and the tassel itself is 7" long from top of shell to bottom of fringes. Our prices are started very low as we go straight to the source to find these treasures. We have many collector items available, rare pieces from around the world from antique to more recent, designer accents, precious textiles and textile hangers, gifts, rare antique prints, authentic signed paintings and sculptures available on a regular base in our booth, and we will keep on adding new and unique items as we go.