done *3 Ft Aibom Meri Statue Handcarved Bride Japandai South Pacific Art Papua Guinea

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32A8: Great rare unique Aibom Meri Statue: Hand carved bride with traditional bridal veil on her head topped with a Cuscus marsupial. Japandai Area.

Oceanic South Pacific Art, East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea

3 Ft Aibom Meri Statue: Hand carved Bride statue effigy with traditional bridal veil on her head topped with a Cuscus marsupial and a rattan skirt. 
Japandai Area.
Oceanic Art, Papua New Guinea
Item 32A8
Rare Hand carved Statue from Japandai Village, tall
East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea
35" X 8" X 8" : 3 feet tall



This is an ancestral Aibom meri statue with shell stopper eyes & a grass skirt created from bush twine. Quite unique, as the female figure is pregnant  and carries a cuscus animal on her head atop her traditional bride's veil showing that she is married.

The men of Japandai carve unique statues representing Aibom women. The woman can take many forms. During a long conflict with a neighboring village, these statues were set up in the village and gardens with offerings placed by them in a hopeful effort to fight the competing sorcerers' black magic from the enemy village. 

Japandai is considered to be part of the Middle Sepik. The carvers have a reputation for copying other village's art or style which can cause dissent and battle between clans.  

This is a scarce artifact, seen on all the photos

All our Tribal East Sepik river region carvings, from Papua New Guinea, were collected on the premises.

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