Choice between 3 Rare Vintage Decorative Wood Hand Carved Artisan Tools with Stands, Indonesia. Used for the Betel Nut Habit and other needs, rare paraphernalia.

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Choice between 3 Rare Vintage and unique hand crafted tools with hand carved handles, each mounted on a custom made black base. 

One is 21" tall and the other two are 22" tall each.

They look great together as a decorative accent.

 Two represent protective ancestors which are meant to shield the owner from evil spirits and the third is covered with geometric designs.

Each one of a kind and collected in the field 20 years ago.

The practice of betel nut chewing actually involves the chewing of three substances together: the nut of a palm (which purportedly tastes similar to nutmeg); the leaf, bean, or stem of the betel vine, which is a member of the pepper family; and hydrated or slaked lime (from burned seashells or coral or from mountain lime).

Betel chewing is part of working in the gardens, attending feasts, meeting friends, trade rituals, and making love for the people of East New Guinea and the Trobriands, but is also very much a part of Indonesia’s culture.

A traditional part of a man or woman’s personal paraphernalia in Indonesia, New Guinea and the Trobriands was their lime container, pounder or pestle and the spatula for betel chewing, a custom practiced on social and ritual occasions.

Three substances are actually chewed together: the nut of a palm, which has a hot, acrid taste similar to nutmeg; the leaf, bean, or stem of the betel vine, which is a member of the pepper family; and slaked lime made from burned sea shells or coral or from mountain lime and kept in this container while not in use. Once chewed, the mixture becomes a mild stimulant said to reduce hunger, pain, create a sense of well-being, and increase a person's capacity for work. Chewing betel nut makes people teeth turn red and eventually rot.

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