Antique French 1940 Baby Doll Hand Painted Face original Baptism Outfit Lace hat & CREATED DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR

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A rare wonderful addition to any collection.

Antique 1940 Baby Infant Doll from France with a Hand Painted Face and original baptism outfit and hat, very rare. eyes open and close.


Antique 1940 2nd World War Newborn baby Doll from France with a Hand-Painted Face and the original outfit she came with, hat and baptism dress.
Very rare collector item
Measures: 13" tall
I inherited this doll from my family 50 years ago. This is a very rare collector piece created during the war. Check for condition by looking at the photos, best way to see the condition of this unique collectible. It shows use of course and wear on face, it was handled for many years but it is solid and working fine as far as eyes that open and close also. 

Doll seen on the first 8 photos.

On the remaining 4 photos you see a modern hand painted, artist made, reborn doll, a creation from nowadays, to compare the evolution of doll making.