4 Strands Unique Earthtones Hand crafted Ethnic Glass Trade Beads Necklace with Buffalo Bone Hand Carved Pendant of Fish, Zodiac Pisces, Borneo Kalimantan, Indonesia NECK41

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Great Condition. 

Beads were always considered to have magical properties and also had a currency value.

The Primitive Tribal Orang Ulu, Iban and Dayak women created these necklaces to wear or sell on the markets of Kalimantan.

Nice necklace made with 4 strands of glass trade beads, 1 metal bead, from Borneo.

Created with many small older trade beads and adorned with a hand carved pendant, representing a fish hanging from a silver ball, the fish is hand carved out of Indonesian water buffalo bone.


Zodiac Pisces Symbol, Month of March.

All hand crafted

Collected in the field.

One of a kind

Item: NECK41

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Indonesian water buffalo horn and bones are not on the endangered species list, in fact no buffalo is, from the American Buffalo to the Asian or African buffalo.

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