Huge Hand stitched Hmong Tribe Masterpiece Colorful Floral arrangement Orchids in Basket Silk Embroidery Intense Needlework Custom Hand Painted Signed Framed DFH6 Wall Art Home Décor Designer Collector Decorator Detailed 29.5" x 24"

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Embroidery Measures: 29.5" x 24"

We recently closed our gallery of rare antique books and prints, original signed art, rare textile art and unique hand painted frames, some of the prints and art framed, some not, and all our artwork and antique prints will be listed here daily as we go.

Very Large Floral Silk Embroidery Original Masterpiece Art of orchid plant growing on a branch in nature. 

Professionally Stretched and Framed  

Frame is hand painted with designs and signed by the artist.

Item: DFH6

You are buying the hand embroidery framed panel

(Seen on the first 4 pictures)

Orchid embroidery

Measures: 29,5" x 24".

We have added additional photos of some others that are already listed, to show you the variety we have available in floral patterns. This is a stunning masterpiece, not done with paint, but completely hand embroidered with the best of hand-twisted silk threads (Silk is very time-consuming to work with, but last for centuries) & with extreme intense detail and fantastic colors, embroidered by hand, stitch by stitch, by an artist, this work of art is a time consuming process that takes a few months to complete and sold at fraction of its value plus we have framed it professionally and not charging for it as we are closing our store doors. It actually looks more vibrant and rich than a painting and seems more in relief as well because of the silk use which adds a dimension to the work. This is a unique piece of art: quality pieces such as this one are beautifully rendered and created by a master embroiderer. This silk painting was also stretched and custom framed professionally in a unique hand painted frame as well, signed by the artist.

We also carry authentic original prints 300 years old or less in great condition, already framed or not, such as: Albin, Audubon, Baron, Barraband, Bertuch, Brodtmann, Brown, Buffon, Cassel, Curtis, Cuvier, Donovan, Edwards, Fitch, Frisch, Grandville, Harrison, Walter Hood, Latham, Linden,Linnaeus, Loddiges, Martinet, McKenney, Morris, Munting, Redoute, Reinchenbachia, Schreber, Schubert, Selby, Shaw and Nodder, Van Geel, Warner, etc.... etc... 

Again, we closed our art store of antique prints and custom frames as well as our store of rare artifacts from around the world and we will now sell them direct here by listing them regularly. We have 1000's of antique prints and it will take a while to do so, so if you are interested in prints from the names above or others since I did not have time to list them all, please contact us.


All our collector and rare items come with pages and pages of research about provenance, and with history of the tribes and photos as well, depending on item and whenever possible. When shipping internationally, we group ship multiple purchases to save you money, and find the best rates available. If you have any questions or want to see research conducted on this piece and photos of tribes, tell us.


We have artifacts and architectural accents up to 10 ft tall that we will put on upon request because shipping has to be calculated accordingly with trucking company.