Hand woven Intricate motifs Sumba Hinggi Warp Ikat Tapestry (45" x 14.5".) Handspun Cotton Dyed with Vegetable Dyes (IRS4) earthtones with fringes wall Décor designer textile collector

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Unique, HandWoven, Old Sumba Waingapu Hinggi Ceremonial Warp Ikat Textile Art. Handwoven on a Backstrap Loom with Handspun Cotton Naturally Dyed with Vegetable Dyes. Rich Colors and Geometric Patterns Adorned with Animal Motifs

SIZE: 45" x 14.5"

Item: IRS41

(Seen on the left on photo 1 and other photos--it is the lighter of the two ikats)


From the Waingapu region


Each textile was woven with a very ancient way of creating designs in fabric and with natural indigo dies -red, purple & blue.

In rare cases, such as on this piece, nassa shells are applied for an additional dimension and beauty to the right side of the songket's natural cotton hand woven background 

Each stunning one of a kind handspun Ceremonial Warp Ikat runner was woven by hand on a narrow back-strap loom in a labor-intensive process, and features motifs that are associated with royalty in East Sumba. Often animal and plant designs alternate with geometric motifs and cultural symbols derived from the Sumbanese animistic religion.

The ikats such as these often bear motifs of bold, bright designs of people, animals and animistic totems while those of the west are more abstract. Taking up to two years to produce, a full sized cloth is highly prized.

Each textile was created with a very ancient way of creating designs in fabric and with natural indigo dies -red, purple & blue.

The floating and supplementary warp techniques seen here create a rich tapestry-like effect. Handspun Sumbanese textiles can take up to 2 years to weave and can command the same value as a water buffalo. The intricacies of this piece and the variety of color show the skill of a veteran Sumbanese weaver. This is a wonderful art form and the Sumbanese pride themselves greatly for their intricate and meaningful designs inspired by the merapu ancestral spirits, nature and animals. The weaving and wearing of these colorful textiles used to be the privilege of the nobility. These textiles fulfill several functions in society. As family heirlooms, they play a prominent role in the ritual exchange of gifts (currency) and, most important, in funeral rites.

Other photos besides these 3 textiles seen here are of people wearing them.

All our textiles come with research and photos and we have others available as well.

We have Hand carved Textile Hanging Display Bars available which were created by hand especially for these decorative textiles in case you want to hang this precious collectible on the wall, which creates a rich and outstanding designer look.

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