Rare old ceremonial hand spun hand woven black hemp textile loin cloth, Protective royal ancestor motif guarded by marine animals, Embroidery is hand twisted bark rope fiber twine. Melolo Village Sumba Indonesia RE4

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Handspun, hemp ceremonial runner. Unusual embroideries, created out of hand-twisted vegetal bark rope fiber twine. Motif representing a royal Ancestor in court dress guarded by snakes associated with royalty in Sumba.

Measures: 31"x 13.5"  


 From Melolo Village

(Shown on the photos)

 Handwoven on a narrow back strap loom and embroidered afterwards

 This is a wonderful art form and the Sumbanese pride themselves greatly for their amazing textiles inspired by the Merapu ancestral spirits, nature and animals. These textiles fulfill several functions in society. As family heirlooms, they play a prominent role in the ritual exchange of gifts and, most important, in funeral rites.

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