Borneo Tribal Oran Ulu, Dayak, Iban Tribe Heavy Brass Earring Talisman, Ear Weight Now Used as a Pendant for a Necklace with Large Amber Beads & Old Glass Trade Beads NB20

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From a Kalimantan Tribe: heavy Brass Geometric Shaped earring, ear weight made into a necklace.


The Primitive Tribes of the Orang Ulu, Iban, Kayan and Dayak wore with pride these original heavy brass earweights adornments considered to have magical properties as well as a currency value on the markets of Borneo.

These brass ear weights were cast locally and traditionally worn by men and women as a symbol of status and beauty in longer and longer stretched ear lobes, due to a life time of heavy ear wear.

Great Condition.

This original one of a kind hand crafted ornament, once collected on the premises in Borneo, has been mounted as a pendant on a string of older glass trade beads and large amber beads from Borneo as well. The heavy brass weights were worn by many generations living in the jungles of Borneo causing the ears to stretch a foot or more over time.  This one is a geometric good luck and protection amulet called guardian. Beads were always considered to have magical properties as well.

 Guardians take the form of animals, humans and a hybrid of the two. A standard guardian figure is the ASO dog, literally a dog, but really a creature that is part dog, dragon and sinuous vine. The Aso figure may only be represented in its entirety on the clothing and implements of the high nobility. The same goes for the human figure. Lesser nobility use the heads of the Aso and humans, and commoners are confined to geometric designs: This was the brass decoration of a commoner.

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