Kaningara Ancestral Hand carved Polychrome Shaman Spirit Mask Sepik Guinea A18 .

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ITEM: 12A18

Scarce Hand-carved and painted Kaningara tribal Ancestral Shaman Spirit Mask

With 2 faces and a bird motif

Rare, ornate, mask
One-of-a-kind ancestor protector

Hand-carved and painted Kaningara tribal Ancestral Shaman Spirit Mask with 2 faces and a bird motif

Used to combat sorcery and worn on a much larger costume of rattan and palms during initiations
(As seen on photo 2)


Measures: 26" X 9 1/2"


From Sepik Region 

 ITEM 12A18

Papua New Guinea Oceanic Art


This is a beautiful original colorful hand carved Ancestral Mask from Papua New Guinea. 


The designs are similar to the ones painted on participants in initiations and other ceremonies. On this particular mask, the elongated forehead bares the face of an ancestor and a bird with spread wings reminiscent of the headgear worn during initiations and the face has designs of scarification or motifs painted on the dancers during ceremonies. The face mask was worn on top of an elaborate wicker body costume called tambuan, used in dances and ceremonial initiations and why there are holes for eyes instead of traditional Nassa shells decorations. Natural Pigments colors, hand twisted handmade bark twine decorations attached to the ears.


This ancestral mask was hand carved out of one solid piece of wood and is meant to give identity to the tribe or clan as a recognized ancestor which will protect them from black magic. 

All our Tribal Sepik river region carvings, from Papua New Guinea, were collected on the premises.


This important spirit mask was worn during scarifications or initiation of young boys and when not in use, as part of a whole body costume,  was traditionally used to battle sorcery.

All our Tribal Sepik river carvings, from Papua New Guinea, were collected on the premises.


Carvings are always well made, in spite of the relatively crude implements including stone adzes and hand crafted drills operated with ropes and the shark skin rasps and polishes which are used to produce works of carved delicate grace.

All our collector and rare items come with pages and pages of research about provenance, and with history of the tribes and photos as well, depending on item and whenever possible. When shipping internationally, we group ship multiple purchases to save you money, and find the best rates available. If you have any questions or want to see research conducted on this piece and photos of tribes, tell us. We have artifacts and architectural accents up to 10 ft tall that we will put on upon request because shipping has to be calculated.