Lindenia t Limited Edition Print (Choice 1 out of 4, Your Pick): Galeandra Devoniana var Dephinia Collector Art (B1, B3, B5)

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Limited edition of 1000 Lindenia Orchid Collectible Botanical Art Prints

We are liquidating our prints
This listing is for your CHOICE of 1 of the following orchid flower prints shown below:
Book 1 Galeandra Devoniana var Dephinia
Book 1 Galeandra Flaveola
Book 3 Galeandra Claesii
Book 5 Galeandra Batemani

  SIZES ARE 12.5” x 9.5”


 Botanical Collector Art. 

These Lindenia orchid prints came from a limited edition of 1000 of the complete works on Orchids of Linden, Rodigas and Rolfe: Iconography of Orchids, the colored portraits being by P. De Pannemaeker, A. Goosens and G. Severeyns. We have the complete set of 5 volumes therefore all the orchids Linden ever recorded.  

They will be sent individually wrapped under plastic cover, accompanied by an art mat backing for protection.

If you do not find the orchid you want here, let us know & we will list it for you if it is still available.

If you buy 6 orchids prints, we will give you a 7th Lindenia orchid print free, If you buy 11 Lindenia prints, we will give you 2 free orchid prints. We also can mat them upon request.

They can be sold in Orchid clubs, Florist Shops, Art Shops, the AOS orchid organization.

Orchid connoisseurs have also purchased them from us to display in orchid shows & clubs, during speeches and conferences and to give as gifts and prizes to orchid growers and collectors.  We ship them inserted in plastic with a mat, in order to protect them as well as ready to be displayed.