done Old Large Asian Tribal Weaver Basket Sumbawa Island Rattan Detailed Collectible

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You are buying 1, 2, 3 or 4  rotan rattan baskets seen on all the photos 12" x  3 1/2".

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1 basket: $69.99

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4 baskets: $199.99

These are 4 baskets that were collected years ago from a tribal weaver in Sumbawa Island, Indonesia, on the way to Komodo

Items TG0, TG0A, TG000 AND TG000A

Carefully sealed and kept in storage for years until just now 

All handcrafted with lots of details and a nice base as well, solid and very sturdy.

This type was used to drain water from vegetables or to collect seaweed or live shells from the ocean. We bought them when they were just completed by the artisan so they have never been used. 

You are buying 1, 2, 3 or 4 with available discounts for each additional basket purchased

Rotan rattan baskets seen on all the photos measure 12" x  3 1/2"



Reductions above based on group shipping, shipping 1 is high out of our pocket since we ship to you free so it is advantageous to buy more than 1. 

These authentic baskets were handwoven out of rattan (rotan, a climbing palm found in jungle forests). Beautiful interesting (hand woven) rib stitch weave. All 4 vintage baskets are in great condition as we never used them. 


The ancient art of basket weaving remains alive today among primitive people throughout the world although threatened by encroaching industrialization. This basket was masterfully handcrafted long ago with meticulous attention to detail not only for strength but to graphically tell a story about the history and customs of its weaver’s culture. 

Rattan is not only exceptionally strong it is also acknowledged as being amongst the finest medium used to make mats, carry bags and traps.
Women used to weave these strong baskets with strong but thin rattan strips, using age-old patterns and time consuming techniques.

There is a remarkable individual variation found between basket types in Indonesia: closely woven ones for seeds, strong light ones for harvesting crops and decorated ones for ceremonies.

 We go straight to the source to find these treasures 


All our collector and rare items come with pages and pages of research about provenance, and with history of the tribes and photos as well, depending on item and whenever possible. When shipping internationally, we group ship multiple purchases to save you money, and find the best rates possible. If you have any questions or want to see research conducted on this piece and photos of tribes, tell us. 


We have artifacts and architectural accents up to 10 ft tall that we will put on upon request because shipping has to be calculated accordingly with trucking company.