Unique, Rare 3-Tier Sing-Sing Festival Pristine Nassa Shells & Seed Beads Bilas Pectoral Adornment, Necklace Ornament from the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, NECK2, collected in late 1900’s.

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Rare authentic original pectoral decoration from Papua New Guinea worn during an initiation festival.

NECK2, collected in late 1900’s.

Bilas (Pisin from the English word flash) are finery, ornaments, jewelry, decorations, showy costumes (bilas or bilong worn during a celebration, rite of passage, wedding, initiation, sing-sing) and worn at a village celebration dance

 Unique 3 Tiers Sing-Sing Nassa Shells & 6 Different Local Seed beads types, Bilas Festival Pectoral Necklace Ornament from Papua New Guinea Highlands.

Intense intricate work, as far as creating it.

Sing-Sing performer Chest Decoration, part of private collection.

I have seen 1 for 295.00 on line.

Collected on the premises in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, during a sing-sing, this very detailed and intricate, entirely handmade, necklace is very large and authentic.

As the local tradition, necklaces, headbands and armbands are knotted from handmade vegetal string and may include seeds, coix, nassa shells or others, Unique trade beads, feathers and fur, grasses and ferns, croton leaves, yellow orchid vine, everlasting daisies, links of bamboo and fiber chains etc...

Such decorative items were only worn by the “Big Men”, the initiated men and the Shamans of Papua New Guinea during special ceremonies & rites, either as a pectoral ornament. 

Artistic expression in the Highlands is conveyed largely through body art. Diverse in both media and application, the major components of Highlands body ornamentation include bird of paradise plumes, body paint, and an enormous variety of decorative objects made from shell, teeth, beetles, orchid stem, fur, bone, bark, wood, and fiber. (Moriarty recognized the importance of this art and its central position in the broader context of Highlands art. A visionary in any age, he not only developed a unique collection of body decoration from the Highlands of New Guinea, but saw to it that this collection remained intact by donating it to the AGNSW. Today it is part of what is possibly the world's most important accumulation of this art.)

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