Vintage 1960 14" Vogue Littlest Angel Doll Girl + 22 pcs Unique Wardrobe: Raincoat Fur Coat & Boots, 6 dresses Undergarments Pantyhose Socks Shoes Pocket Book Slippers etc..

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Selling our collection of antique and hand crafted dolls: Vintage 1960 14" Vogue Littlest Angel Doll.

Rarely played with and in super condition for its age,
Over 60 years old.
Complete with extensive (some handsewn) and unique wardrobe in new condition, most of it handmade.
(22 items in all) + DOLL.

Vintage 1960’s 14" Vogue Littlest Angel doll in Tagged Vogue Outfit, Hard Plastic Body, Vinyl Head.

Doll is in excellent condition and was played with very little.

Long, straight, blond rooted hair in perfect shape.

Doll is wearing the original plaid tagged vogue doll dress, the underwear and shoes she wore when purchased

(seen on photo 2)

She has beautiful rosy cheeks and blue eyes that open and close but she is missing some eyelashes. Body of doll is in great shape with all fingers and toes intact!!!

She is super clean and comes from a non smoking home.  No missing hair plugs.  All limbs are tight. The strap of one of her white shoes is split but shoes hold on perfectly anyway.

She comes with a full unique hand sewn wardrobe (19 items on top of the dress, socks, and underwear she is wearing) dating from the 1960’s but some of that wardrobe was never used and is in brand new condition even it is old: 

1960 Clothing in new condition:

1 White and green crochet jacket.

1 grey winter jacket with fur

1 pair of grey fur boots

1 Pair of blue slippers with pompons (in all 3 pairs of shoes)

I grey pleated kilt skirt with bib

2 Long calico dresses

1 Long wedding dress with lace

1 Pink short dress with lace

1 undershirt

1 dark Blue T shirt

1 Pocket  book with gold

3 pairs of socks: 1 white long, one shorter  pair of white socks and one blue pair of woolen socks.

1960 Clothing in used condition:

1 Plaid red dress in good condition (not dirty but stained by lapse of time: yellow spots or what is called “foxing”  – 60 yrs-  and needs washing)

1 underwear in good condition (not dirty but stained by lapse of time - 60 yrs: yellow spot or what is called “foxing” on it - and needs washing)

1 pair of white shoes (one strap split) size 13

1 Raincoat in fine condition

1 Bracelet

1 pair of panty hosewith some wear.

Beautiful doll and a wonderful addition to any collection.
The real crocodile pocket book, seen on a photo, is not included.